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- With over a decade of experience, our company is suited to fit your needs.
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- We staff some of the most skillful and creative minds in the audio/video industry
- We are passionate about making your project succeed!
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- We have the most qualified staff in the Gulf Coast.
- We strive to exceed our clients expectations!

Sound Advice is a leader in Audio/Video solutions,
Est. 1976


We listen to your needs

We know that each individual project is different and that no systems are exactly alike. Therefore, we treat them with our absolute undivided attention until the project is complete. Our customers should expect no less!

We provide designs that work

It's one thing to design a system. It's another thing to design a system that works! Many individuals can claim to have the ability. But, what have they really done to demonstrate that they have the expertise in the field. At Sound Advice, we have been doing audio/video for over 30 years. If you want it done right the first time, just stick to us!

We implement the complete capabilities of your design

Most all of today's audio/video systems have a complicated and integrated set of parts. If one part of the design is left out, the system may not function to it's capabilities. At Sound Advice, we have a staff of trained professionals that take care of that. Your system will have all of the necessary components that make it unique.

We provide years of experience in installation of audio/video systems

When Sound Advice completes an install, you will know that it was professionally installed. At Sound Advice, we take no shortcuts and will do the extra legwork to assure that not only do you have a complete fully-functional audio/video system. But, you will have a safe and organized system in the event that you want to make additions!

Provide state-of-the-art equipment

At Sound Advice, we take pride in the vendors that we use to provide our customers with the cutting edge technology of today. We do not provide outdated equipment that you will regret 10 years from now. Our vendor list includes some of the most respected manufacturers in the industry. All of our vendors have gone through an extensive vetting process that includes on-site testing to assure that you will not be disappointed!

On-site designers and programmers

At Sound Advice, we understand the changing landscape of technology. Programmable systems are here to stay. Therefore, Sound Advice trains and staffs our Company with some of the best, unique, and capable automation programmers in the industry. All of our current programmers are accredited with the Crestron Technical Institute and achieved "Automation and Integration" certifications, including "Master Programmer".

Friendly sales staff

The sales staff at Sound Advice understands that when the consumer contacts us, he/she is expecting to have a unique and informative experience. You will get that at Sound Advice. Sound Advice is not a big box retailer, we don't claim to be. At Sound Advice, you WILL get first-class attention that is consumer specific and second to none!

Service after the sale

Although our products are considered some of the best in the industry, it is electrical. One of the things that Sound Advice provides that box retailers do not is our UNMATCHED customer service after the sale. You can contact us anytime! Not only will we already be familiar with your system, we will provide the necessary time it takes to correct any issues that you might be experiencing.

Quality is not an ACT, it is a HABIT!

Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.


Just some of our

Crestron Systems

A provider of Residential and Commercial Automation and Integration components. Crestron provides high-quality state-of-the-art equipment in effort to automate and integrate any design. Their systems are designed and equipped for the expectation of future technology.

Klipsch Speakers

Premium speaker systems for any application. Klipsch provides speakers that can be recessed in the ceiling to towering floor speakers. If there's a speaker design, Klipsch has it.

Denon Receivers

Specifically crafted home and commercial receivers designed to enhance the entertainment experience. The heart of most systems is the receiver. With Denon, you wouldn't have to worry! They produce receivers that can do just about anything!

Pro Control

A division of Remote Technologies Inc., manufacturer of innovative home control products for an unprecedented value, including programmable remote controls, professional-grade control systems and accessories provide the ultimate control solution for professionally installed entertainment systems.

JL Audio

An independent, privately-held U.S. company active in the Home, Mobile, Power-sports and Marine Audio markets. focused on delivering unique engineering, superior quality and high-performance audio to our customers around the world.

Focal Speaker Systems

Focal is the leader in high-quality speakers.


Leading manufacture of computer products. Apple is known worldwide for their innovation and attention to detail.


High-technology products that help consumers to get the most out of their smart-phones, tablet computers and mp3 players while in their car or at home

...quality partners!

Did we mention that we travel anywhere in the country?

We can come to you!


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Custom Services Residential

If you reside outside of Louisiana and you want to inquire about using our company, you can call us at 225-925-5174 or send us a notification by clicking on the tab above. Please include your name, phone number and a brief description. Afterward, The appropriate staff member will be in contact.

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Custom Services Commercial

If you reside outside of Louisiana or would like to inquire about us submitting a bid proposal, you can call us at 225-925-5174 or send us a notification by clicking on the tab above. Please include your name, and phone number and a brief description. Afterward, The appropriate staff member will be in contact.

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Custom Services Mobile

If you reside outside of Louisiana and you want to inquire about using our company for a mobile (vehicle) application, you can call us at 225-925-5174 or send us a notification by clicking on the tab above. Please include your name, phone number and a brief description. Afterward, The appropriate staff member will be in contact.

** Contact for additional information.

Meet the Team!

Individual commitment to a group effort-- that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work. -Vince Lombardi

With over 40 years in business, Sound Advice USA Inc. is the leading provider of residential, commercial, and mobile audio/video systems. Systems include automation and integration. Our Clients have consisted of Homeowners, Business Executives, and Government Officials among others. Our designs have been as small as the 1 room entertainment system up to as large as automating and integrating hospitals, hotels and very large college football stadiums. Satisfaction is our goal as we strive to perfect every job that we do. Since 1976, our reputation for quality, innovation and professionalism has been carefully built with thousands of successful installations.

Our Staff is what makes us unique. Any Company can claim that. But, we have an absolute unique set of professionals that truly cater to our clients and understand the industry. They understand your wants and desires. They implement those designs into a system that you will enjoy and use.

Sound Advice USA is set up in multi-divisions. Our Sales division, led by our General Manager Chuck Lepisto IV, is dedicated to selling you exactly what you want. They are not just going to sell you what is most expensive. Their goal is to satisfy you in a way that will make you continue to come back and use us for all of your audio/video needs.

Our Installation Division, led by our Vice President Richard "Rick" Hale Jr., is comprised of professional experienced installers. The Installation Division works closely with our Sales Division to assure that you are getting exactly what was explained to you prior to the sale.

Our Design and Programming Division, led by our Director of Technology and Enhancements Tremel Raby, is absolutely critical in assuring that you have a unique, yet very functional system. You will be able to coordinate with our designers and programmers to explain what you can and want to control. ANY system is only as good as their programmer. At Sound Advice, you can rest assured that you have the best in the business!

All of our Staff is under the direction of Richard K. Hale Sr., Company Founder and CEO. Richard has extensive experience (over 40 years) in the industry and provides insight into every application. Richard holds all of the necessary programing certifications.

Our Staff, with over a century of experience, is extremely professional, knowledgeable, well equipped and ready to assist you in any endeavor that you choose.

Feel free to scroll through our site and research what we do as a company. We are proud of our history and we hope to include you in our extensive list of very satisfied clients.

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What our Clients Say!

I've been doing business with Sound Advice fo more than 5 years now. From home entertainment to car audio, their knowledge, workmanship and customer service has always been top notch! Build your setup in stages, or go whole hog, they'll design the perfect system for your entertainment needs. hello

image01Mark Watson | Satisfied Customer

What our Clients Say!

When my husband and I were shopping around for a perfect company to purchase our new home theater, we were getting confused with all of the terms that people were saying... RGB, RCA, ... and on and on! At Sound Advice, they kept all of the terms simple and I was able to clearly picture what they were designing. Awesome job! I love it!

image01Amy and Mike Ponder | Satisfied Customer

What our Clients Say!

Attention to detail was amazing! They took no shortcuts. I went into my attic to see how neatly the wires were run and I couldn't even find them! Unbelievable!

image01Troy Fontenot | Satisfied Customer

What our Clients Say!

Working with Sound Advice was a unique experience that I, and I know you, will actually enjoy!

image01Ahmed | Satisfied Customer

What our Clients Say!

Really appreciate Chuck and Tremel working to "custom fit" remote to customer --- Most don't do that. We feel like we've been friends for years. --- Y'all are really good guys. Thanks

image01JF | Satisfied Customer

What our Clients Say!

Thanks for everything that you did for us. The work was excellent and the customer service was even better. Chuck really goes above and beyond to make sure that he has a satisfied customer.

image01Hensley Fraser Hayek | Satisfied Customer

What our Clients Say!

Had my 2013 Silverado done, with Focal Components, 2 ways, Alpine amp, & an Alpine Sub. Sounds awesome! I always recommend Sound Advice for Car Audio. Thanks for the great work.

image01Dale Olano | Satisfied Customer

What our Clients Say!

Sound Advice has put systems in both my son's trucks and they were ecstatic about the job done!

image01Mark Cartwright | Satisfied Customer